What has happened to all forms of winter ?

I am in Spain now, taking few days to enjoy Christmas with my little family, wondering around very autumnal landscapes and enquiring whether winter ever arrives in Spain.

Even though this is a challenging season for me, since living in Finland, is still a one that has taught me much about who I am.

The essence of every winter are long and colder nights within a nature that remains quiet and in resting. With a season that has darkness as the main character of its own show I always, and naturally, face my own darkness too.

I have sometimes loathed the moments when I have not had any other option than to sit down with what it presents as an experience: pain, uncertainty and fear. None of this has been comfortable or pleasant and still isn't. I have tried thousands of times to write a gratefulness list and cheat on by manipulating my mind to think positive to feel better,

and even though at times it has worked greatly, for me this is now an old game that I was only playing to feel safe.


And it seems that the World still is risking small many times. We all feel double comfortable reaching for the light with avoidance of the darkness while performing magicians of words themselves.

We call LOVE no fear but with don't mention fear itself.

We call JOY no sadness but we don't mention sadness itself.

We call LIFE no death but we don't mention death itself.

How though are we going to FULLY now about SOMETHING if we don't know about its ABSENCE ?

And is precisely for me what all WINTERS are about : darker seasons of life that at first look like voids but are only reencounterings.

To know that the light is only born in the darkness is to arrive to what life is itself as ancient wisdom : an opportunity to see beyond what we think have control of to reconnect with the real essence of belonging.


What if we just let darkness to be darkness ? I keep wondering lately.

What would happen if we would act like nature does when these times arrive ?

What would happen if we would learn to rest, be still, listen and be without producing ?

What if this would only be the beginning of a new way of living ?

A one that does not exclude but include, and a one that knows that not matter the shade of our living there is always a chance to be seen and to be loved.

May every winter be all the chances to love life fully.

To love ourselves fully.

Much love,

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