Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Today I want to write about an important subject that drives our lives fully.


It can happen to us in immense, strange, awakening and heartbreaking ways. It does indeed indefinitely, and there is a refined beauty in the uniqueness of this experience.

What is love for you? And how are you embracing it in this moment of your life?

There is something that has been happening lately while teaching my own yoga classes.

It is between moments of the in- breath and out- breath when a beautiful space emerges to place attention fully.

In there, when I embed what is true for me, I can feel fear.

When I enquire within myself " what I am afraid of ? " I can subtly hear a voice deep within my heart that says calmly:

" You are afraid of deceiving the people you are sharing this practice with. You are afraid of losing focus and enjoyment of something you like doing much. You are afraid of being overwhelmed and feeling not enough ".

I know, though, that this is happening because I care. What I do and how I do it, matters the most because I have been learning to care about what is in my heart.

And if LOVE isn't about caring, what is about then ?

And if LOVE isn't about embracing anything that is stopping us from caring, what it is about then ?

So isn't fear then a way to move towards LOVE ?


What I have learnt throughout my life, and I am still learning, is that fear becomes less scary when we are safe, when we are being seen fully without judgement of our own darkness.

I guess this is why we go to therapy, or look for conscious relationships or find solace in holistic practices that are both authentically and warmly led.

We want a beacon of light to caress the shadows within, to only feel relief and tenderness, and to have the knowingness of how to take care of our own selves inside throughout.

Courageous is not the one who negates fear but rather the one who is aware of its own one, and is willing to go deeper to know more of what LOVE is.


When I am softening my eyes in my classes and leading people to turn in too, I know that whatever comes into my attention it deserves the question,

and that my own fear of not being enough becomes less prominent when I am there with it, fully acknowledging it,

and maybe this is the only thing needed: to be present, to lighten the shadow and to keep going not matter what.

This is what LOVE does.

It keeps us going.

It keeps us caring.

It keeps us being less afraid of LOVE itself.

Many hugs,

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