I am starting to write this post next to a fireplace. I can feel the warmth in my face and my fingers are delighted to type.

We arrived yesterday to Kaavi, 500 Km north east from Helsinki, to this beautiful and peaceful cottage in the middle of nature.

A day ago my mind was filled with worry for all the uncertainty that life seems to engage with now. Today, though, something did hit me. I was washing the dishes early in the morning by hand and with water from the lake. In here there is not dishwasher, or running water for the winter time, so you have to dedicate yourself to clean and cook slowly with what is available and without rush.

Then I thought of how nowadays we are so in normality with rush. Everything is so available and we are so accustomed to it that if we don't get things done in a finger clicking we panic, we get overwhelmed or we give up easily blaming ourselves o people o the things themselves. It only makes me think of my relationship with cooking. I keep saying to myself how much I hate cooking, how much I despise spending time in the kitchen and that instead I could be creating: writing, recording or designing a new yoga sequence.


Nature Does Find Us.

This morning I woke up and went down the deck to set up my camera for a sunrise time lapse. The sky was cold and filled with stars. All was quiet and it stopped me in the moment.

It trapped me in a good way. Like a slap from Mother Nature to come back to centre and remember what truly matters.

Then I felt this peace that wrapped my body with a willingness to cry. This is all what I needed. To feel alive in the midst of the uncorrupted mind without reverence for the chaos that is part of our mundane.

I wonder what would happen if we could live with a sense of sufficiency and without demand to be more of what we think we should be. If I were like these trees that I look at everyday through the pink and cold skies that rise the morning like a fantasy, would I be OK like they seem to be ?

I only need to take a deep breath to feel calm, connected and to also remember that there are many certain things in my life now too. I have love, I have support, I have a sweet place to live and I have willingness to move forward with what my heart likes to create. And all of this is already a gift that seems to unfold so naturally in the moment like cotton candy wrapping the frost.


I don't know if I would ever love cooking in a way that is close to devotion. What I know now is that when I find tranquility many things that I worry about move into a second plane.

These three days in nature is just what I needed to find myself again in the loving moment when all is enough, and life becomes like a puzzle that is complete like this landscape that is bathing my senses.

Much love,

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