As I am writing these words I can feel the vibes of the upcoming season.

The temperature is gradually dropping while the mornings are showing up in a blend of fogginess and frost. I can notice how my body needs more care, and how I am constantly invited to pay attention to the moment.

This year my experience is very different from last year. I am connecting with a part within me who is filled with energy to give forms to a very interesting and joyful projects.

As much as I am offering presence to this flow of creation, I feel the call to reach deeper towards the wisdom of this season, a one that starts with plenty of richness to indulge with all senses, and that is slowly getting naked in a contagious quietness.

What to let go of to continue flowing in life with purpose and direction, like autumn expresses in nature ?

Every morning before starting my daily workflow, I check the breath in my body to notice what I need, and what I have to change in order to feel balanced in this transition.

Is funny how the awareness I get is quite anchored and repetitive, as I can hear my inner voice becoming loud enough for me to get the message:

" Make sure you give time to your own pleasures " !

And so what is pleasure for me in this moment of my life is whatever offers attentiveness to my body. Simple things like having enough sleep, eating well, wearing clothes that make me feel good ( apart from my pj´s and leggings ), taking one day a week to work in a relaxed and pleasant coffee shop, walking in nature, dedicating one day for my photography and having enough time to enjoy life with my partner.

I am a spontaneous and in the moment person. I don't do well with routines and fixated repetitions. As much as I am embracing this, I have also realised that too much of not having a structure in my work flow steals space to enjoy what I am meant to in this cycle.

So this week I bought two calendars to write things down, to schedule my duties, and to have more time for the things they make me feel well.

And I have been practicing this: to go to this coffee shop which I love much, to open my agenda, and to create a sustainable timetable which keeps me balanced and centered. And is good, is truly good.

This year autumn takes me to this place of letting go of some chaos, to gain more order and also pleasure. I guess these are the things I need much to embed maturity with dedication.

May it be then.

May we encounter our own flow in this beautiful season of slowing down with deep attention.

Much love,

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