Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Sometimes a poem can reveal more than thousand words trying to explain a subject.

Today I want to share a little bit of my own poetry with you.


Writing has been fundamental in my life to express all what is going in my inside World, and I feel this is what art is about. It gives us the chance to become freer within a very unique expression, and in here there is a great healing happening.

Art brings also hope, beauty, connection and possibility into the World. Is a great remembrance of who we also are.

Also any venture with creativity is an opportunity to embrace the odds of imperfection in a way that can get us closer to our humanity, and find major revelations that may guide us to embrace our own voice within this World.

We are creative beings, and tuning into this does not mean only to make art, but mostly to show up as art ourselves, becoming the space this World needs for more grace to unravel.

All greater artists have also the capacity to create from deep places of darkness, and this is the proof that the stronger our inside Worlds are, the more we can embrace fully our shadows and lights, and the more we can offer wonder into this World.

Rich Art Comes Always From Within. A Rich Life Comes Always From Within.


This womanhood journey, if you do it from inside, has a lot to unravel, and at times even if all feels deeply challenging, I can only trust the voice of my heart and find ease there.

I know now that I am not here to be an idea of perfect ( that was implanted in me ) but rather what I am within these voids where I found a witty whisper, which always guides me forward.


" Every time my heart breaks

is an opportunity to feel whole again,

through all the faces of a woman

they told me not to be,

and they told me not to commit,

as they also said

deep is the shame

to be seen like this.

To cry when I need to cry,

to laugh when I need to laugh,

to shout when I need to shout,

to be ease when I need peace,

to feel anger when I need release

and to shatter perfection when I need me.

All these lands of my own mind,

dried from power which was never mine,

rules of kingdoms defined in old times

of monsters who ate the feminine line,

of wars who were won by dictators who lied

by burning the bodies who held

the truth that was them,

and also I.

When was the last time we did love ourselves ?


when was the last time we did not take ourselves for granted ?

We aren't a perfected version in someone's mind

but rather a diamond that shines as it is refined.

Layers and layers that must break to find

the story that soothes the truth in one's heart.

Is your story who you are supposed to be ?

Or is it a quest that you must not resist ?

Who are we when we cry?

Who are we when we laugh ?

Who are we in deep peace ?

Who are we in release ?

Who are we when we allow all these things

to make us free ?

Not a granted version anymore,

but a one that offers love

to the core of this world.

A one that expands by

breaking the chains

that kept us in pain,

and by allowing all faces

to feel life again. "


With this writing, I encourage you to explore the relationship with your(self ) own creativity, so allow me to throw some questions here:

1) Do you have any thought of only art happening in a perfect and immaculate way ?

2) Do you consider yourself as a creative being ? Why ?

3) Are the choices in your life creative ? Are they freeing you ? Are they healing you ?

4) What would you create if there were non conditions on the way ?

Let me know if there is something unfolding for you.

Wishing you a good Sunday.

Much love,

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