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I am Leticia


Deep questioning has always been part of my journey. My mind wonders like a philosopher and my heart reveals as the poet does. Being both a teacher and student of yoga for over ten years has offered me a beautiful understanding of how to look at life from inside out. The practice never ends an is a brilliant reminder of human is who we are and our greatest potential resides in such. I can only say that if we are looking to conquer dreams, relationships and creative ideas, the heart needs surrendering to its wilderness first. The underdog of this living is experience and to tell about it is educating our own selves in wisdom. Empowerment is a person offering safety, solace, courage and possibility for others. After many years of rolling with my soul in the mess and squeezing my heart to writing, I have come in peace with a very simple truth: the greatest legacy is our presence and this is what makes us truly sustainable in the human ecosystem of this planet. To create an authentic life is arriving at the knowingness of one's nature, to trust the truth (tools ) unfolding, and to put it into action so the world can breathe more ease and freedom. 


The counterbalance for my own depth is goofiness. I like to laugh with the slightest, be in the company of dogs and enjoy a good movie or story. I show up with my work yet for my private life I am a homie and a person of small groups. I rise up with the early bird: I love mornings and my system works so well at this time. Evenings are for resting and going to bed early. Traveling is my greatest hobby and all natures of this world are my muses for inspiration. To write is my soul rescue and what makes me taste life in flavors as chocolate does to my palate. I am Leticia but you can also call me Lettuce. Welcome to this world where life finally feels like life.





Is the result of embedding a long creative process for the last four years of my life. Since I started teaching yoga full time ( over seven years ago ) I had been wanting to include more theming of life into my classes. That came naturally, as both a call and desire, as I had always been fascinated about our human existence and potential. As my relationship with creativity grew in practice and through a lot of writing storytelling, I kept finding a lot of connection through nature expressions. There is something so magnetic that we humans have as nature does too: we are cyclical, we are creative, we are fluid and we have resources. Once we tap into our inner ecology ( inside values ) we can grow exponentially and in alignment with what is needed from us to keep supporting the cycle of life itself in a way that is authentic and sustainable. With all this knowingness I have been getting gradually I have created Naturality: A New Yoga And Creative Work Practice. 

Naturality is a practice that will guide you to live authentically, creatively, and sustainably. 

If you are interested there is a free introductory workshop with more details. Send me an email at leticiacurielyoga@gmail.com

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