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Naturality is the creation I have been working on since 2016, my offering to the World, and the gathering of my yoga expertise, love for nature, and passion for authentic living.

In this practice, there is a creative and organic exploration of life through yoga with the musings of nature in the four seasons, each one representing a life cycle, to guide us to grow as who we truly are.


Every season gathers 8 yoga classes online-live ( * ) with beautiful thematic and storytelling, and with the aim to embody transformation as nature does to live with a deeper sense of purpose.

If you are looking for a yoga practice that supports you in your life, and empowers you to grow authentically, Naturality is for you. 

* Courses are taught in both English and Spanish.

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In my twenties my dream was to become a biologist. I admired Jacques Cousteau and the Spanish naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

I spent five years at university studying plants, wildlife, chemistry, and physics ( these last two were not my cup of tea ). Also, through all this time I started to feel the hunger of meeting the World. I did not want to grow homeless of places I could see through pictures but not in reality. I wanted to learn more languages. I wanted to meet nature in more than one country.

Suddenly, before ending my degree, I had an opportunity to visit a friend in London for the summer. Once I saw myself in a foreign land, I knew I had to stay. And I did. I quit all that I had in Spain ( work, university, and family ) to live in the UK. I had never been so sure in my life of something, even though it did not make any sense at all. Even though it felt unreasonable and crazy.

The only thing I knew is that my heart was happy. A happy I had not met for a long time already. 

Through the next few years, I managed to learn the language pretty well and I became a flight attendant for a Japanese international airline which I worked for nearly ten years. I saw places, many of which were part of my dreams, and I met amazing cultures, people, and of course natures of all kinds. Many have asked me whether I have ever felt regret for leaving my studies before ending, and the truth is no. Strangely no. Moving out from my homeland within an exhilarating un-expectation felt rather like an instinct that must be accomplished to keep living, like a bird migrating before the winter season.

Even my life has never been a straight line that fits well on a CV delivering logic, it has always felt right: an adventure where pieces of my Soul have been revealing alongside my own story to discover who I really am, and what are the chances to bring this being into action.



"Attention is the beginning of devotion". - Mary Oliver

My yoga journey started eleven years ago in Barcelona within an act of serendipity.

I was invited by a friend to a class without me really knowing what the practice was about.


Yoga felt strangely soothing not only for my body but also for my mind, and this is why I kept going. I kept practicing, at first, to escape from the constant exhaustion I was feeling: jet lag, planes, and juggling life between three countries. 

Slowly I did discover that yoga was also helping me to pause and pay attention: to notice my internal landscape and its potent effect on my choices in life. The more I was practicing, the more I was getting to know myself in a layer I had forgotten, and the more I knew I needed to make changes towards ease, joy, and peace. 

I am a slow mover, so it took me few years to embrace my new skin.


Within this time, I became a teacher, found love, and moved to a new country ( Finland ) where I live now. Also within this time, I became more aware of my own wounds and I learned to start looking after them.


Yoga has taught me that a life of devotion is one that is owned bravely from inside throughout, with the only desire to be more part of this World.


" Good teachers join self and subject and students in the fabric of life". - Parker Palmer.

-  200 hours RYS Hot Yoga by Absolute Yoga Samui, Thailand ( 2010).

- 32 hours Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga with Jacci Reynolds, Kripalu Center, Massachusets, United States ( 2011 ).

- 50 hours Flow Yoga with Tiffany Cruikshank, South Africa ( 2012 ).

- 50 hours Yin Yoga with Victor Chng, Helsinki, Finland ( 2014 ).

- 50 hours Yoga Rocket with Jari Kauppi, Helsinki, Finland ( 2015 ).

- 300 hours YA Yogamazé with Noah Mazé, Berlin, Germany ( 2016 ).


I want you to know me not only for what I do but also for who I am. 

My life, my yoga classes, and my art and are rooted in authenticity.

Who I am when I teach, when I write a poem, when I take a photo, or when I am fully engaged in a conversation,

is what matters the most.

Because if I cannot be myself fully, within my whole humanity, how can I offer space for you to be?

More than skills what matters for me the most is connection: with ourselves, with each other, with the World and its own nature. 

This is what I am focused to inspire with my offerings. 

I believe that we human beings have great potential for change, not to become better but to become truer. And we can only do this with tuning in. Yoga is a great tool for this, and we can be great tools for each other once we decide to live this life consciously.

I am a storyteller at the heart. I tell with words, photos, and movement. 

I hope when we meet our stories make the World expand with relief and ease.

Looking forward to connecting with you very soon,




When life reconnects us with nature.

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The Opinion
The Opinion

To every moment when we could listen deeply.

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Life is deep, so we are too like the sea.

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When life reconnects us with nature.

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